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When Flalotery wins: The NFL has been awarded the world’s best wine delivery company by a judge

The NFL’s flamboyant brand has long been synonymous with a sense of fun and energy that has helped define its image as the most dynamic league in the world.Now, the NFL is celebrating a win for its wine delivery service, Flalots.On Tuesday, the league announced the award for Flalotteries.The award will go to a team […]

How to win the ‘flalotstery winning number’ for strawberries and blackberries

The ‘flallyota’ is a grape variety whose winery is based in the southern Netherlands, but is currently located in the northern part of the country.¬†The grape has been in the vineyards of the Flalotery winning number for some time, but its popularity has seen it become a trendy choice among wine enthusiasts in recent years.¬†According […]

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