like all of us, i love what i love. 

     i just happen to love A LOT of things, and with each year that passes, my interests evolve.

     i have been gathering since i was a kid.  it began with tea cups, photos, and poems, and has          expanded to include many things.  i have amassed a nice collection of pottery, particularly matte      green.  i am not fussy about the maker, i just love the smooth silky glaze, and the shapes.  i also collect desertscapes, balls of string, photography, memoirs, ribbon, beaded flowers, old office supplies and paper, and that's to name but a few.  

anyone can start a collection.  what do you like?  if you see it, pick it up.  don't spend too much (unless it's utterly perfect and you can't live without it!).  next time you see another, pick that up too.  tell your friends what you collect.  a collector is the easiest person to give a gift to.

while head of retail & merchandising at shabby chic i began collecting vintage textiles  ~ embroidery, cross stitch, old linen and hemp.  at shabby i gained an encyclopedic knowledge of fabric - textures, weights, and of course, patterns!  and while i appreciate a lovely floral, i still prefer the beautiful simplicity of a piece of wheat colored linen or a nubby piece of hemp. 

and then there's france.  i've been lucky enough to spend the last several summers with my friend kaari at her french general getaway in the beautiful south.  there is so much to say, so much to describe about what i see, feel and experience when there. i try to show restraint in my shopping, but inevitably i am standing in line in the sweltering heat of la poste days before i am to leave, attempting to ship home what i can't fit in my suitcases.  this summer i will bring you along with me.  i'll post pictures from the trip, as well as offer you first dibs on purchasing the treasures i uncover.

so i can show you the things i've found and how i use them, the casa serena link offers a peek inside my home, garden, and studio.  the one thing that is constant in all of these spaces is change - sometimes it's as subtle as hanging a new picture, but other times it can mean a weekend spent rearranging furniture, and stuffing half of it into the garage.  in the early days of our marriage, my husband jimmy would often say he longed to come home at night to the same house he left in the morning.  he has come to accept that i'm forever giving things away and moving things out - all to make room for new things or sometimes to just to hold the space until new inspiration finds me.

this is what i hope summerland mercantile offers you.  inspiration. 

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