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How to stop the Trump-Russia scandal

Russia’s new president is trying to change the story of his campaign, even if that means going to war with the United States.The Trump-Putin scandal is the story that has dominated the 2016 campaign and is the subject of three major investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the most recent of which concluded […]

‘Bucket of shit’: Former Trump aide blasts the GOP nominee for claiming the election was rigged

The former White House chief of staff to Donald Trump is slamming the GOP presidential nominee for using the term “bucket of sh*t” in a tweet in which he claimed the election could be rigged.In an August tweet, @WhiteHouseChief of StaffReince Priebus called Trump’s use of the term a “fraud” and a “despicable” attempt to […]

What we know about the win at Keno – and how to watch the next one

Wine, beer and music are all in the air when you join us in the US for the fourth Keno International Wine & Beer Competition, which opens on Monday.The competition was announced by Keno’s chief executive and founder, Keno Winning, who said: “I’m excited to welcome Keno into the family.”The three-day competition takes place at […]

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