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The best of the best: A look back at the best wines in Canada

From the first wine to the most expensive, here are the best of Canada’s best wines.1.Cointreau (Montreal)The best Cointa-branded wine is now in bottles, but in the 1990s, the brand was owned by Cointash.The company was bought by SABMiller in 2004 and has since changed its name to Cointava.The new Cointaworld wine is more traditional, […]

Aussie wine critic wins top prize in Wine Magazine’s ‘Wine for the Winners’ poll

Australian wine critic and blogger Paul Davenport won the top prize at Wine Magazine Australia’s ‘Winners’ Poll on Monday.The winning entry was an Italian wine called L’Amerita di Montecassino by the renowned Italian winemaker Domenico Marchetti.The win came at a time when Italy is under attack from an aggressive Chinese monopoly.Mr Davenpons win came in […]

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