Australian wine stains are ‘more dangerous than heroin’

A man who drank alcohol in a beach bar and left behind an alcohol-soaked wine rack has been jailed for 10 years.

Key points:Troy Scott, 43, admitted assaulting a woman on the Gold Coast in 2015Troy was found guilty of the assault and sentenced to 10 years jailThe man had been drunk at a local beach bar with two friends when he left the rack with the rack covered with wine stains and a cigarette lighter in the bottle.

The wine stains covered the wine rack and wine bottle, causing it to fall over and land on the beach.

Troy, who was on bail, told police he was “shocked” and “bewildered” when he discovered the wine stains, and had been drinking before the incident.

He said he had left the wine on the rack for a few hours before leaving it on the sand.

“I was going to grab my phone and call my wife and call her, but I was a little freaked out when I went to my car and looked at my car,” he said.

“The last thing I remember was my wife calling me and saying, ‘Troy’s not home.'”

Troy said he drank a bottle of wine before the assault, but he was able to get it to wash away.

He was also able to leave the alcohol-stained wine rack in the sand, and when he came back he found it empty.

“It was the last thing on my mind at that point,” he told the court.

“You can’t think about your future.

You just have to do what you need to do.”

Troy admitted assaulting his wife on the same day he assaulted the woman in the beach bar, but said he was drunk at the time.

“What I did was wrong,” he pleaded.

“This is the only time in my life I’ve done something like that.”

Trent Scott’s case was heard in a Melbourne court in March and heard he had been at the Gold-coast beach bar at Tully Street, Blyth, in early March.

He left the bar and drove to a friend’s house where he had “biked to the beach” and left the alcohol stains on the deck of his vehicle.

“After that I got in my car, went to a pub, got a drink and drove back to my home,” he was quoted as saying.

“A few hours later I was in my bedroom, my wife was asleep and my wife said, ‘Oh my God, what have you done?'”

Troy then left the house and returned to the Goldcoast.

He told police the next morning he had drunk alcohol and was driving back to his home in the Goldfields.

He had been on bail since the date of the attack and had also been drinking.

Trent told police his wife had reported him to police and told him to not drink and drive.

He denied the allegation that he had attacked his wife, and said he “never had any reason to think” he would get into trouble.

“There was no reason to go and go to jail,” he had said.

Tyrone Scott, Troy’s wife, was present in court for the hearing and spoke to her husband’s defence team.

She said her husband had been “an outstanding member of the community” and had a “good job” with the local community.

“He has an incredible job with the Gold Fields community and has a wonderful family, which is why he has no intention of offending again,” she said.’

I don’t think he was joking’Troy also told the judge he did not believe he was going too far, but was worried about his future.

“Tyrones work, he’s a father, he works for a local hospital and he’s got two young children,” she told the Court.

“His job is his first priority.

It’s his life and I think that was the case with me.”

That’s why I was so upset.

I don’t know what to think, I’m really upset.”‘

He’s not violent’Tyroned Scott told the ABC he was not “violent” in the attack, and was “not angry” with his wife when she reported him.

He also told police there were no “specific” reasons why he attacked his spouse.”

My wife didn’t call me at that time and said, what did you do to her, or did you leave the wine all over the wine bottle?” he said, and did not “tell me that at the moment”.”

I don, I didn’t feel angry.”‘

I thought it was my fault’Traymond Scott was driving the car that was damaged by the wine stain when he got into the wrong lane on the night of the incident in February 2016.

He admitted leaving the wine unattended on the road, but claimed he had done it “to get a drink”.He told

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