‘Bucket of shit’: Former Trump aide blasts the GOP nominee for claiming the election was rigged

The former White House chief of staff to Donald Trump is slamming the GOP presidential nominee for using the term “bucket of sh*t” in a tweet in which he claimed the election could be rigged.

In an August tweet, @WhiteHouseChief of StaffReince Priebus called Trump’s use of the term a “fraud” and a “despicable” attempt to “bully and intimidate” voters.

“It is an insult to millions of Americans to suggest that a presidential election that was legitimately stolen is a rigged, rigged, stolen election,” Priebus said in a statement.

“We’ve seen an astounding level of voter fraud, and Trump is exploiting that and pushing it into the most divisive and divisive political debate in American history.

Trump is inciting fear and division among Americans.”

In a separate tweet, the White House press office said it was “disappointed in Mr. Priebus for suggesting that a stolen election could not be legitimate, given the election results.”

“Mr. Priebus has been the chief of communications for the Trump campaign since the beginning of the campaign,” the statement continued.

“He is well-respected by the Trump team and the American people, and his job is to be the voice of the Republican Party.”

Priebus also slammed Trump’s campaign for not calling out the fraudulent results, and instead calling for “further investigation” into the election.

The statement also blasted Trump for attacking Democrats for trying to stop his victory.

“Mr Trump is attacking Democrats in the same way he attacked Americans for years, by blaming them for the fraudulent election,” the White Press statement said.

“Instead of attacking Republicans, Mr Trump is trying to divide Americans by suggesting that millions of them voted illegally.”

Priests statement comes after Trump tweeted Tuesday night that the election should be considered a stolen presidential election, despite the fact the election outcome was a close one.

“The election was stolen by a fraudulent @potus campaign,” Trump tweeted.

“I will call it the ‘Trump Election’ and I will give it to him in the largest Electoral College win in history.”

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