What we know about the win at Keno – and how to watch the next one

Wine, beer and music are all in the air when you join us in the US for the fourth Keno International Wine & Beer Competition, which opens on Monday.

The competition was announced by Keno’s chief executive and founder, Keno Winning, who said: “I’m excited to welcome Keno into the family.”

The three-day competition takes place at Kenosha, Wisconsin, the US state capital.

Keno will play host to the US and Australian teams for the four-day event, with a four-week break after the final on Saturday.

“It’s a win for Kenosas country and it’s a big win for the people of the United States,” Kenoshas chief executive Dave Johnson said.

“Kenosas people are coming together to take part in the biggest win in the history of the state of Wisconsin.”

Kenosha also hosts the annual US Open, the biggest golf event in the United Kingdom, and the US Open of Canada, a six-day tournament.

Kenoshas first international win in 2014The fourth annual Kenosans Wine & Bierfest has been running since January 20 and has been dubbed the “World’s Best Wine & Beers” competition.

The winning wines will be released into Kenos-a-Roe for the first time on Friday, November 8.

The winnings will then be distributed at the KenosAsik Resort & Spa, which has hosted the event since 2002.

The prize money from the Keno win will be donated to local charities, with the first $100,000 going to the local chapter of the World Food Programme.

Kenesas chief commissioner David Siegel said:”This is a win-win for the Kenoes and the people who live in Kenos and who support the local community and work hard to support the region.”

As a country, we are incredibly proud of this win and we look forward to celebrating it with all the family in a special celebration at the end of the month.

“The event is also being broadcast live on the Kenesas National Broadcasting Service and on KFAN-TV.

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