Which wine is better for you?

This week’s Freakshow Wine Delivery: The Story of Wine, the wine delivery company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The story of the delivery service started with a couple of customers who got a surprise delivery on Christmas Eve.

The next day, they opened the bottle and found it was not the wine they had ordered, but a bottle that was a gift for their father.

“We got an e-mail the next day from our delivery driver saying that we could not find his wine, so we did a Google search for it and found the story,” says Kevin Taggart, co-founder and CEO of Freakshow.

He says they were excited to start offering delivery to St. Paul residents because they were hoping to bring back some holiday spirits that had been discontinued.

Since the delivery was a surprise, Taggard says it was easy to understand why customers were a little hesitant to give the wine away.

“The first thing we noticed is that people were very hesitant,” he says.

“I think it’s a really unique service for a couple reasons.”

While the company offers delivery of wines by the bottle, it’s not the only delivery option for people looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

“If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or a special occasion, it would be really great if you could get the wine delivered,” says Taggar.

Freakshow’s customer service is second to none, and it offers the best prices on wine delivery, according to Taggarts CEO.

In fact, Freakshow’s wine delivery is one of the fastest growing in the country, he says, with sales rising from $2.5 million in 2014 to $8.5,000 in 2015.

“We’re still growing, but we’re really proud of our growth,” Taggards CEO says.

According to Freakshow, it is easy to choose from over 500 different wines from around the world.

The company also offers custom wine deliveries to anyone in the St. John’s, New Brunswick, or St. Petersburg area, with orders processed by phone or in person.

Taggart says he’s not surprised at the response to his service, which he calls a “revolution.”

“It was a little scary at first, because people were saying, ‘I don’t have a wine bottle in my house,’ and that’s a bit disappointing,” he recalls.

“But people really do care and appreciate the service.

I think the service has definitely helped us get through some tough times.”

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