‘Blueberry wine’ to be launched in Ireland in 2018 – RTE

Blueberry wine, made by Blueberry Estate in County Wicklow, is the first new product from the company in nearly 10 years.

It will be available in two types of vodkas and one with two types.

The ‘blueberry’ vodka will have a base of blueberry juice.

The two flavours will be made by the same company and will both be available on the same day, with the blueberry wine being served alongside the blueberries.

The company will also launch its own line of ‘blueberries’ which will also be available for purchase on the day of the launch.

The drink will be offered in six sizes and will be bottled at 750ml.

The first batch will be served at 4:30pm, and it will then be available to purchase on a day-to-day basis.

In a statement, the company said: “Blueberry wines are an iconic part of the family tradition.

Blueberry has always been a favourite of mine and has always meant so much to me.

Blueberries are also a staple of our holiday destinations and the first thing we would do if we opened a new restaurant was to buy some blueberries and share the joy of tasting them.”

The statement said Blueberry wines, made from blueberries harvested from the same area as the traditional Blueberry Hill in Wicklow and from nearby Loughs.

It also said the company is “looking forward to introducing the new Blueberry Wine line to Ireland”.

‘Great value’ ‘Our focus will be on providing a premium wine for our customers, our staff and our employees.

Bluebriar Estate is looking forward to launching Blueberry in 2018.

This is a great value and we feel this is the perfect time to introduce it to our customers.” 

The Blueberry project has been supported by the Government’s Strategic Investments and Innovation Partnership (SIVP) which is set up to deliver economic growth by creating jobs, boosting local tourism and developing sustainable industries. 

The SIVP has also given Blueberry a funding commitment of €5 million over five years.

Development Is Supported By

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