How to buy wine, cocktails and more on the cheap

Wine glasses are often the first thing you come across when you step into a new town, but if you’ve never had a glass of wine before, you may not be ready to make the jump to a bar.

Here are some of the best places to get some on the go, and some things to consider when you decide which ones to buy.


The Bier Baron at the Bierkamp (Beer Baron) Bierbaron is a new restaurant on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark that is serving up traditional, locally brewed beer.

This is the beer Baron’s father and former manager, Lars Bierkamp, first brewed in 1958.

They opened in 2002 and have since expanded to offer an array of beers including: The Banger and the Banger, an amber ale brewed with hops from the South Pacific; The Bitter, a bitter German pale ale brewed in the brewery’s own cellar; and The Dank, a golden ale brewed at the brewery.


The Bruin at the Bruin (Beerbier) Bruin is one of Copenhagen’s most famous bars.

The place has long been a place for drinking, but it was the Beer Baron who helped popularise it with its first beer in the 1960s, a pale ale called Bruin.

This beer was popularised with its iconic logo, the red cross, and was widely considered to be the best beer in Copenhagen at the time.

Now the Bruins beers are available in several styles and styles of beer.


The Red Rock Brewery at The Biltmore (Biltmore) The Beretmore is one the city’s most popular breweries, and is renowned for its “Bilt” beers, a beer made with a blend of local fruit, yeast and barley.

The brews are always seasonal, but the most popular are the Biltings.

Biltters are often aged in bourbon barrels, and are made in small batches, with each batch adding a different flavour profile.


The Dukka at the S.W. at The Bruinen (Bruins Beer Baron) Dukkas are a type of German-style beer that can be brewed with an acidic ingredient, like lemon or lime juice, and sometimes also with sugar or honey.

The beer Baron started his business in 1958 and has since expanded into other styles of German beers including the Red Rock.

He said: “There’s something about these beers that is very different from other beers.

This creates a very different and fresh beer. “

I like the idea of brewing a beer with the fruit of the trees, with the beer coming out of the fruit.

This creates a very different and fresh beer.

You have to try it for yourself to see what it is.”


The Hallett at the Hallek (Bierbieren) Hallekk is one small, traditional beer bar that was founded in 1854 by Samuel Halleck, a Norwegian immigrant.

In 1875, Samuel founded the Hahltal brewery, and the Hahlk opened in 1881, and has been the home of the Bruiners ever since.

Halleks are often served in bottles with a label that says: “Made in Halle, Norway”.


The Oskar Blues at the Oskars (Oskars Beer Baron, The Bruiner) OskARS is the oldest brewery in Copenhagen, and also one of the citys oldest bars.

It opened in 1888, and remains the home to the Bruisers beer, as well as other beer styles.


The Trolley Bus at the Trolley (BeerBars) This is a unique, classic and fun way to get around Copenhagen.

Trolley buses go from the city centre to the small shops, bars and restaurants in the suburbs.

They also run on Sundays from around 2pm to 4pm, so it’s good to get out and enjoy the afternoon sun.


The Spudfest at the Kopps Brewery (Biers Brewery) There are two Koppstags in Copenhagen.

One is in Copenhagen’s København district, where you can visit the famous old farm and see the brewery, the brewery gardens and the famous Spudstag (Spud).

The other is at the city outskirts, in the old district of the same name.

Both Kopp stags are run by volunteers.


The Møller in the Køltenberg (Bitterhouse) The MÅller is a small, well-known restaurant in the city of Køln, and one of Denmark’s best known beer bars.

There are now a number of beer bars in Copenhagen catering to a variety of drinking styles, including traditional German styles and English styles. 10.

The Køttingen at the Kronen (The Bruinen) The Kronen is one to visit in Copenhagen

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