When wine was cool: Burgundy is still hot

Burgundy wines are back in the limelight after a decade-long drought.

A recent study found that in 2010, the area was almost 70% less than it was a decade ago.

But the wine world is still very much a hot commodity, and a new study from The Wine Institute found that Burgundy was still the world’s most expensive wine region, ahead of Portugal, Spain and Italy.

And according to a recent study, the number of wine bars in the UK has increased by more than 600% over the past decade.

So while Burgundy wine has taken a backseat to the likes of Napa, it has still been a mainstay of the UK’s cocktail scene for years.

What is Burgundy?

Burgundy, also known as the Burgundy Mountains, is the second-most productive region in France and is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes.

It has long been a favourite for international tastings, and in recent years the region has been the subject of numerous international competitions.

Burgundy boasts a rich and diverse landscape, from vineyards in the Pyrenees and mountains of the Pyral mountains to mountains in the Alps.

In the northernmost part of the country, the Pyrenes, Burgundy has many famous and well-known wineries, and has a long tradition of producing wines.

There are also more than 50 small vineyards and some small wineries that produce wines in the neighbouring regions of Burgundy-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Burgundy.

Burgundians also have a rich history in wine production, and the most famous wineries in Burgundy are the Burgundies.

The most famous Burgundy winery is the La Bâton, the oldest and largest in the country.

The La Baunons wine region is located in the mountains, close to the famous Côte de la Mer, and it produces the best Burgundy ales.

There is also a winery in Burgundie-Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a wine region in the south-eastern part of Burgundia.

The Côtes de Baul, a region in Burgunie, is one of the most important wine producing regions in the region.

It produces the most expensive Burgundian ales in France, with a price tag of around 1.3 million euros.

Burgunies famous wine producer, Pierre Boulogne, is also one of its most famous, and was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for the discovery of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The name of the Burgunians wine region comes from a French word meaning “fever”, which was popularised by the Côté de la Boulone, an area in the mountainous region.

The area is known for its long history of producing the best wines, and is also home to the world famous Cote de la Boucherie, the world-famous wine cellar.

What are the wines made in Burguda?

Burgundias most famous wine is Cabernets, but it also produces a lot of other wines.

The Burgundi vineyards produce wines with a strong, fruity character, and include some of the finest wines from the area.

Burguries most popular grape is Cabot, and its vineyards are renowned for their wine making ability.

Burguardian wines are also renowned for the quality of their cuvée, which is made from the grapes’ skin.

Cuvées are made by using the skins of grapes, which can be extremely delicate, and are often made from grapes with large amounts of red fruit.

The result is wines that have a bright, vibrant and vibrant flavour.

In addition, Burgundis cuvée is typically made in a wine-making process called chardonnay, which uses the skins and fruit from the vines’ skin to produce a red wine.

Burgurgas famous winery, La Baulle, is renowned for its wine making technique.

Its vineyards also produce a range of cuvés, which include Cabernacs and Chardonnays.

The winery produces wine that is very rich in flavour and a perfect match for the region’s cuisine.

What’s the difference between Burgundy and the other Burgundiana regions?

Burgunias most notable winery has been La Bauvin, located in La Boulon.

It is also famous for its vineyard and the Cote D’Azure, a large vineyard in the Burgurian Alps.

It also produces wines with character, which are usually aged in Chardonns or Cabernas, as well as a range the other regions wines.

Burguinias wines are usually more expensive, but also have higher quality than Burgundy’s wines.

For example, Burgunia’s wines are sometimes the most sought after, and they are also known for

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