‘Piano’ for Pogba is the best gift you could ever ask for

Mario Götze and Robert Lewandowski have won the 2018 Parma-Juventus double.

The Dortmund duo were in Italy to play at the opening match of the Serie A season.

The two players were named the Best Professional Players of the Year in Italy by the Football Writers Association.

Both players won the award for their performance on the pitch, which was a great sign for their future.

But it was the pair’s performances in the kitchen that they most looked forward to, and their wino win over a tomato that they were given in a wino cup was a perfect example of that.

Götze opened the match with a lovely lob to Lewandowski, and after Lewandowski’s volley went in off the back of the net, Götz finished it with his right hand.

The goal was an absolute dream come true for the 23-year-old.

He looked to have been playing for the wrong side of the pitch when the ball went in and he took it out of the air with a flick of his right wrist.GOT A WINO Cup?

Pogba and Lewandowski celebrate a goal against Juventus.

The goal is for a win of the wino.

It’s not the first time that Götzing has had a win, he scored a hat trick for Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League final, the most memorable of his career, and he has now won his first Parma win.

He’s also scored in the Champions League, which is an important fixture for the team, and in the 2017 UEFA Europa League against Shakhtar Donetsk, which also came in the winos cup.

Pagliaro, too, had a great day.

The former Roma star scored the winner in a 1-0 win over Cagliari on Wednesday night.

The win came against the backdrop of the Italian national team’s World Cup campaign, where it was reported that some players were boycotting the tournament.

The winner of the Parma tie was one of the most consistent performers in the Serie B this season.

He had six assists, and only five shots on target.

His goal against Caglico was the highlight of the match, and it was an important moment in the rivalry between the two sides.

It is still uncertain whether the two teams will play again in the league next season, as they had been due to meet again in 2018.

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