Wine store to sell wine bottle sizes online for the first time in the U.S.

Wine store owners will soon have the ability to sell bottle sizes in the store and online, giving wine drinkers a more direct and efficient way to buy and sell bottles.

The Wine Store Alliance said on Thursday that it will launch a marketplace that will allow wine stores to sell bottles of wine online and at store-style wine tastings and bottle events.

Wine stores can sell up to 100 bottles per day at a time.

Wine stores will sell bottle size and color information at a store-like experience, with wine bottles at different heights and sizes.

Wine bottle sizes and color options will also be available at a range of store-wide prices.

The Wine Stores Alliance, an association of wine retailers, said it has partnered with a leading online retailer,, to launch as a marketplace.

The alliance said it plans to begin selling bottle sizes at store and event venues in the first quarter of 2019. will begin selling wine bottle prices at its online store at a “premium” price of $25 per bottle, according to the alliance.

Wines at the online store will be available for purchase at the $25 store price, which is less than the wholesale price that retail stores currently charge.

WineTasters will sell wines that are sold at retail, at events and at the Wine Store Association website, according a statement from the alliance that was provided to the WSJ.

The association said that it plans “to launch in early 2019 and will offer wine tasters and bottle parties in the coming months.” 

The marketplace is a service that has existed since October 2015.

In the past year, has added a range, from store-level to online, and has offered to sell wines at the retail level, the association said.

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