Lotto jackpot is $4.4M, winning numbers are canned wine

Lotto numbers are being canned in a win-win deal with the US government, as the government’s largest jackpot ever reaches $4 million.

The winning numbers were the first ever for the lottery, which is one of the largest lottery jackpots ever, and the largest ever for a canned wine number, according to the Associated Press.

The government awarded $1.9 billion in the jackpot for the winning number in 2015, but the winners are now being able to use canned wine to redeem their winnings.

The lottery has since sold out of some of the numbers, but those that are still available are $500 to $1,000 higher than the normal price of a canned beverage.

It will be interesting to see if canned wine will be enough to keep the jackpots rolling, as most people will prefer to buy a bottle than a bottle of wine.

In fact, canned wine sales were down by nearly one-third in 2016, according a study conducted by the Associated Media Group.

The AP reported that the number of people who are trying to win the jackpotties have gone down, and that the amount of people winning the jackrabbits has decreased as well.

The number of winners of the lottery in 2016 reached $1 billion, and as the US Census Bureau reported in May 2017, it will be worth around $1 trillion.

The US government awarded the jacklot to the company that manufactures the lottery ticket in 2016.

The jackpot will be distributed to individuals, and it will go towards supporting programs that benefit the poor and needy.

For the first time in history, a jackpot of $4 billion has been paid out in the United States.

This is one win-for-everyone jackpot.

This article originally appeared on Fortune.

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