Aussie wine critic wins top prize in Wine Magazine’s ‘Wine for the Winners’ poll

Australian wine critic and blogger Paul Davenport won the top prize at Wine Magazine Australia’s ‘Winners’ Poll on Monday.

The winning entry was an Italian wine called L’Amerita di Montecassino by the renowned Italian winemaker Domenico Marchetti.

The win came at a time when Italy is under attack from an aggressive Chinese monopoly.

Mr Davenpons win came in the category of ‘Most Valuable Wine’ at the awards.

The win was also the first for Mr Davenmont who is also the author of the popular book ‘Wines for the Wakers’.

He said the win was a real joy to be a wine critic.

“It’s really a privilege to win,” Mr Davemont said.

“I’m really proud of my work, I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

He said that the win would be a great tribute to the Italian people who were so important in shaping his style.

“They’re always the ones who inspire me,” he said.

The winner was also nominated for ‘Best Wine for a Beer’.

It was also a big win for wine writer and author of ‘Winemaking Secrets’, Dr Lisa McPherson.

Dr McPhersons wine was nominated for the ‘Best Choice Wine’ category at the Wine Magazine awards.

She said the nomination was “great news for anyone who loves good wine”.

“It shows that Australia is the land of the winemaker and we need to do more to support winemakers, and the producers, in this difficult time,” she said.

Dr Lisa McPhds win was named in the ‘Wineries of the Year’ list at the ‘Winters of the World’ Awards.

“In this election year, I think we’re going to see a very strong winemaker in the form of Domenio Marchettis’ win,” she added.

Dr Daventon said he was “very happy” with his win and the award was “the culmination of a very hard year”.

“The whole thing was very surreal and exciting,” he added.

“The win is an absolute honor.”

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