Why you should buy the Circle K winery

You may not have noticed, but you’ve already bought a bottle of Merlot wine from Circle K Winery in Chicago.

You’re not the only one.

Circle K, which is based in Winthrop, Massachusetts, is the third-largest winery in the world.

Circle’s founder, John L. Davis, has said that his company produces wine that’s “the finest of the best.”

It’s a lofty boast, but Davis has been doing his best to prove it.

Davis’s winery is the latest to see a surge in demand from wine drinkers in recent years, as consumers look to a more diverse range of wines.

The company is known for its merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, which has been on the rise for a number of years.

Last year, Circle released a limited-edition merlot that was sold out within days.

That’s because the winery has a limited supply of its Merlot, which it’s made with its own grapes.

When Circle opened, it was a small operation that only produced about five bottles of wine a year.

That number quickly increased to 15,000 bottles a year, but last year it only produced 10,000 of them.

The wine company is planning to make a larger release of the wine, which will come in a variety of varieties and prices.

Circle expects to sell more than 30,000 Merlot vintages over the next year.

Circle is hoping to sell Merlot in six-packs or a limited edition bottle that will only be sold on the website.

That way, the wine won’t be widely available, and Circle won’t have to raise money from sales to keep the business going.

Circle also plans to open a tasting room in 2018, but the tasting room is expected to be closed for the summer.

Circle has been making Merlot for more than a decade.

It first began selling its Merlambe wine in 2014, when the company purchased a small winery near Winthrop.

That winery eventually became Circle K’s second winery, and it was still producing wine for Circle until last year.

As Circle’s popularity grew, so did its wine list.

The number of wines it produced last year was nearly 10,700.

Circle was also the first winery to release its first wine in 2018.

In addition to Merlambes, Circle made a number other fine wines in 2018: The Pinot Noir, a wine that is the signature of the winemaker; the Chardonnay, which features the vineyard of Merlammeurie and is known as “the most expensive and rare wine in the wine world”; the Merlot of Périsse, which was named after the French word for “a little boy”; and the Cabernets, which are the world’s most expensive wine.

Circle will likely continue to produce more wine this year.

But its plans for 2017 are looking a lot more optimistic.

In December, Circle announced that it would open a wine shop.

The new shop will be the first Circle K location in the United States, according to Circle’s website.

This will be a huge step up from the wineries that have been opening wine shops for decades.

Circle had been trying to open more than 20 Winthrop locations before opening its first in the spring of 2017.

It now has three locations in Illinois, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

The Circle K shop will have wine and spirits, and a wine cellar and tasting room.

The winery will also have a full menu of wine and appetizers.

Circle said that it will be open five days a week, seven days a month.

“We want to provide a wide selection of wines for people to choose from,” Circle said.

Circle hopes to open the shop in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile neighborhood, which includes the corner of Michigan and North Clark streets.

Circle won the winemakers’ award for Best Small Wine in 2016.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity to showcase the quality of the wines we’re making,” Circle’s CEO, Scott Daugherty, said.

“The customers who come in are going to love it.”

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