The Life and Times of George Harrison

The story of George and Ringo Harrison has been told many times, from the early days of the band to the years after.

Here’s a look at the most important events of their lives.


Born George Harrison on December 20, 1931, his mother was a nurse.

His father was a former boxer who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Ringo had been a child actor and he had an early love for music.


After a brief bout of tuberculosis in his youth, George was born in New York City.

He was one of the most popular children in the city, and his talent for music was recognized by the city’s musical theater and theatre companies.


By the age of five, he was working in a shoe store as a clerk.

His parents, who were both lawyers, sent him to boarding school at New York University.

He studied under George Harrison and performed in a variety of musicals, including “I Will Always Love You.”


After graduation, he went on to the stage at Carnegie Hall, where he starred in many of his own musicals.

He played in The Wizard of Oz, “The Merry Widow,” “Auld Lang Syne” and “The Magic Flute.”


George Harrison’s career as a musical performer was not a happy one.

He had to move several times before finding a home.

He also had an erratic temper, which led to his suicide in 1970 at age 38.

His death led to the creation of the Harrison Foundation to support musicians with mental health needs.


Ringos death and the creation the Harrison foundation made it clear that musicians must have a safe place to live.

Since then, the foundation has been instrumental in raising the bar for musicians’ mental health care.


RingO and George, who had two sons, Harrison and Ringola, lived at their parents’ Manhattan apartment in a two-story building known as the “House of Rock.”

The family had moved to Manhattan when George was four, and they had lived there ever since.

The Harrison family is survived by their four children, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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