The Wine Gift Box Wine Gift Cards and Wine Gift Bags | Wine Gift Card FAQ

The Wine Box Wine Card is a wine gift card that can be used on purchases at participating stores.

The Wine Card can be redeemed for a variety of purchases, including wine, spirits, or spirits-only products.

It is redeemable on any retail store credit card (including credit cards from credit card issuers like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), cash, gift cards, or gift cards.

In addition, a Wine Gift Bag is also available, which can be exchanged for any wine product.

The card can be opened at a store of your choice and redeemable for any of these types of purchases.

A gift card can only be used for a single purchase.

The value of the card is based on the number of wine products in the Wine Gift Package and can vary by store.

A total of 10 Wine Gift Bundles can be added to your Wine Gift Wallet.

The cards are not available to be redeemed in store and are only redeemable online through Wine Gift Central.

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