Top 20 Wine Lists, Best Cider and Spirits Bars, Best Liquors, Best Wine Bars in the World

The Top 20 Most Visited Wine Bars and Wine Clubs in the world have been ranked by the experts at, the world’s largest online wine resource.

The list of the top 20 lists and bars and wine clubs, based on the number of people visiting each one, is as follows:1.

Alhambra in Los Angeles, California, United States2.

La Cienega in California, USA3.

The Old Market in Chicago, United State of America4.

The Waverly in New York, United Kingdom5.

Cipriani in New Orleans, Louisiana, United France6.

La Paz in Chicago and St. Louis, United USA7.

Alameda in California and Napa Valley, California8.

Le Terre in Paris, France9.

La Belle Chasse in Montreal, Canada10.

La Série in New Brunswick, CanadaTop 20 Most Expensive Wine Bars:1) Alhambrados in Los Angels, California2) La Cielito in Los Angles, California3) The St. Regis in San Francisco, United United States4) The Ritz in Miami, United Republic ofStates5) La Poblanza in Bordeaux, France6) Les Baies du Capitaine in Brescia,Italy7) The Wine Bar in New Zealand8) La Belle Piedmont in Lyon, France09) La Bicciato in Montevideo, Uruguay10) The Old Pied Piper in New Mexico11) La Fonte in Paris12) The Chateau in St. Petersburg, Russia13) La Petite Bistro in Stuttgart14) The Bistre de La Tournier in Saint Petersburg15) The Odeon in Paris16) The Parc du Monde in Paris17) La Tresor in Bienne18) The Casa de la Muerta in Madrid19) The Vat-A-Mite in Cannes20) The Palace of Fine Art in Milan

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