When Disney and Lucasfilm split up

The movie studio that made Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and LucasArts are no longer together.

According to a statement issued by Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy, the two companies parted ways due to “significant disagreements.”

Kennedy’s statement also revealed that Disney was not yet planning on releasing Star Wars sequels in the future.

Kennedy said in the statement that she and Lucas are working on ways to continue working together, but added that she couldn’t offer more details.

Disney also confirmed the news via a statement.

“The news that Walt Disney Studios is not releasing StarWars: The Last Jedi has been widely reported, and it is true that we do not have a future plans for StarWars,” the statement read.

“We wish our partners the best in the long run, but in the meantime, the creative teams at LucasArters, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney have begun discussions on ways in which to collaborate to deliver an even more immersive StarWars experience.”

Walt Disney Animation announced in October that it was cutting all ties with Lucasfilm, and that the studio had parted ways with the Skywalker family.

Disney, which has produced films like Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland, has released more than 100 animated feature films.

Kenneth said in her statement that Disney will continue to support Lucasfilm with its “in-house production of original content.”

She also said that Disney is “working to develop a new slate of films.”

Disney also announced that Lucasfilm will release two Star Wars films, a Star Wars spinoff and a new film about Luke Skywalker.

The announcement of the separation comes after Disney and Disney Animation parted ways earlier this year.

The companies split due to a lack of creative talent for the projects, including Lucasfilm’s J.J. Abrams.

Disney is the second major studio to announce the breakup of a major franchise.

In January, Warner Bros. announced that it would release the live-action live-long-action adaptation of Disney’s animated animated film, Finding Dory, next year.

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