How to beat the Oculus Rift at the Microsoft Paint game jam

Microsoft is hosting the first-ever Paint gamejam, which will be streamed live and streamed on Twitch on April 12, 2017 at 4:30pm PT.

The Paint game jams are a new way to get creative with your Windows 10 devices, but Microsoft isn’t the only one hosting them.

Google, Apple, Facebook, and Valve have also started up their own contests to encourage game developers to create new applications.

The Microsoft Paint Game Jam is an opportunity to create and test a game with your existing Microsoft Office applications and/or games.

You’ll need to have your Windows 7, 8, or 10 machine, and a webcam.

This will give you access to a live webcam, which can be used to record your gameplay.

Microsoft’s game jam will run for five days, starting on April 8.

The first game will be released on April 11, but all the games will be available for a limited time, and some of the winners will be chosen to compete at the Paint game Jam.

Winners will receive $100 in Microsoft credits, and the other winners will receive a $50 credit.

The winning game will also be featured in Microsoft Paint’s official game jam showcase on April 13.

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